Our approach to in-bound marketing helps nonprofits attract, inspire, and engage donors and supporters. We also work with businesses to help them build relationships with current clients, as well as identify leads, turn them into prospects, and then into clients.

Our platform is ideally suited for:
• Schools seeking to engage parents and increase enrollment.
• Associations seeking to engage membership and identify new members.
• Community organizing efforts seeking to drive change in society.
• Businesses seeking an affordable online marketing strategy.

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Digital Continent has a proven track record in traditional communications, including:
• Communications campaigns
• Media relations
• Press conferences
• Webinars
• Events
• Crisis communications.

We even have a background in communications with the Spanish-speaking community – an area of great opportunity in the nonprofit community in northern Colorado.

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Our unique approach to helping nonprofits create a Strategic Plan includes taking time to get to know the history and mission of the organization to create a plan that helps define:
• A brief history of the organization
• Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)
• SWOT for an organization that provides similar services
• Defines the “unique sales proposition” (top value) offered by the organization
• Five other values offered by the organization
• A list of potential audiences served by the organization and what messages you want them to receive. We can even recommend strategies for acquiring lists of potential audiences
• Branding and marketing statements
• Establishing a defined set of goals and strategies to accomplish them.
• Identify any printed materials needed to advance the mission of the organization

Digital Continent has a passion for using in-bound marketing automation to help nonprofits and businesses generate leads, drive sales, and measure Return on Investment for campaigns and communications outreach.

In-bound marketing features cost-effective strategies that build on one-to-one engagement, provide valuable content that informs and inspires, and has a clear call to action, including driving sales and donations.

We integrate in-bound marketing to help nonprofits build strong, engaged relationships that lead to increased donations. We use the same technology to help businesses identify leads, turn them into prospects, and convert them into clients.

In-bound marketing is a revolutionary approach to creating personalized, intelligent responses based on how the recipient interacts with your blogs, emails, social media posts, and other communications. Our innovative platform is designed around the principle that, to be successful, any communication must be personal, and connect with the target audience’s interests.

Digital Continent offers robust engagement tools including:

• Email Marketing — We excel at using e-newsletter to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. We believe it is one of the most economic methods of direct marketing.
• Social Media – We offer custom communications campaigns for social media platforms that connect with our in-bound marketing platform to build relationships with supporters and generate new prospects for volunteers and donors for nonprofits.
• Lead Scoring — With lead scoring, businesses have the flexibility to rank business or donor prospects automatically. The system assigns points based on a customized scale, so businesses and development directors can spend most of their time nurturing their hottest leads. Once a lead reaches a designated minimum score, an alert is sent to the team notifying them to take action.
• Metrics — We provide our clients with a unique dashboard offering metrics on the behaviors of people interacting with their communications.
• Reports — We also provide robust reports and data on the return on the investment you are making in your communications campaign. Each report can be customized to focus on events, online giving campaigns, and other activities to empower you with clear information on how much you spent to generate the results you received.

Establishing a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account for yourself or your business is a great first step in gaining a foothold on the new Digital Continent. The challenge is keeping your accounts updated. Digital Continent offers innovative solutions to help you position your brand online.
• Digital Continent creates custom blogs, e-newsletters, and social media posts based on your persona to promote your business or nonprofit organization online.
• Our writers include top industry professionals who can craft insightful blogs about current trends in your industry that, once approved by you, will be posted and tracked across your social media channels.
• We create beautiful e-newsletters that allow you to build relationships with key audiences and develop their potential as donors or clients.
• We offer the opportunity for you to choose different types of news, professional and social articles that will be reposted to your social media accounts with whatever frequency makes sense to you.
• We connect your social media posts to our innovative in-bound marketing platform that allows you robust data on how people are interacting with your posts. This data allows you to build your contact database, and identify future clients and donors.

Digital Continent offers a variety of services to help nonprofits achieve their marketing and communications goals. Each organization is unique and the best way for us to help design a plan is by using the form below to schedule a meeting.